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Financing Research

The successful acquisition and managing of third-party funded projects is an essential element for achieving a distinctive profile as a researcher. Depending on the career phase, this can include responsibility for an individual project, the management of a junior research group, participation in funding programs for those about to be appointed to a professor, or a strategic expansion of international cooperation.

The Research Management and Services offers personal funding consultations, workshops, a list of national and international open funding calls as well as a newsletter. Full information available via intranet (login with employee account).

(Associate) Members of the university's fields of excellence can contact specific research managers (listed here).

The DocService lists funding opportunities here.

Self-applicants who have already exceeded the permissible total fixed-term period or will exceed it in the event of future employment can find information here: Prozess Selbstantragstellung (uni-graz.at)

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Faculty of Law:

School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences:

Faculty of Humanities:

Faculty of Natural Sciences:

Faculty of Environmental and Regional Sciences and Education:


Johanna Stadlbauer

Coordination PostDoc Office

Academic Services
Heinrichstraße 22, 2. floor (left)

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1255

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