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Maintaining Wellbeing

The PostDoc Office is happy to talk about researcher wellbeing. The following information can be helpful when trying to maintain a high performance as a researcher in a sustainable and enjoyable way:

* see also the (German-language) list of the employee health initiative: Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung

Offers by the University:

  • Counselling for all staff members of the University of Graz, Link
  • Working group for equality issues: Support in cases of bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, Link
  • Advice & intervention by the worker’s council for scientific staff, Link
  • Advice & service for compatibility of studies / work & family through unikid & unicare, Link
  • Psychologisch/Psychotherapeutische Lehr- und Forschungsambulanz - PsyAmb (uni-graz.at)
  • Advice regarding dis/ability, mental health, and chronic illness through the Center for Integrated Studies, Link

Central contact points independent from the university:

  • Overview of Contact Points for psychological counselling, collected by Plattform Psyche, Link


  • European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers Equality Working Group, Email
  • Help in case of conflicts at work by the Austrian Union for Public Service:  Konflikt- und Mobbingberatung, Email

This list is based on careful research - however, no guarantee can be given for the accuracy of the information. It includes mainly networks independent of the PostDoc Office.

  • Peer Mentoring offer by the PostDoc Office, Info.

  • List of activties organized by Postdocs for PostDocs, Info.

  • Open Writing Group for Early Career Researchers, Working on texts and motivating each other, Info

  • Feminist Mothering, Open discussion for everyone who is interested in feminist mother*hood and trying to practice it in all its diversity, Contact.

  • Netzwerk Qualitative Forschung, interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of qualitative research methods and their application, Homepage

  • IG Externe Lektor_innen und Freie Wissenschaftler_innen, information and discussions on the situation of “freelance” scientists, focus on the Austrian scientific landscape, Homepage

  • Mailingliste fem@le-L, Information on feminist (and) women's research topics in this area largest and most relevant Austrian list, Contact

  • Mentoring- and Career-Programmes for Female Researchers, Professional Networking, organized by the Koordinationsstelle für Geschlechterstudien and Gleichstellung of Graz University, Infos

  • Var.Ges, Peer Counselling for people with variations of sex characteristics and/or their family members, Contact

  • DISTA, Network for people who research and work in the area of disability studies, Homepage

You may inform us of any groups you know and we will put them on the list. If you would like to set up a peer network yourself and need support with the organization (e.g. room search), please feel free to contact us.

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Johanna Stadlbauer

Coordination PostDoc Office

Academic Services
Heinrichstraße 22, 2. floor (left)

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1255

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