Public Engagement for PostDocs

How to get into it & why you should do it

10:00 - 12:00
PostDoc Office
[0001K10154] Universitätsarchiv, Universitätsplatz 3, 1.Kellergeschoß
Anmeldung bis 31.01.2024, 11:20

Do you think your research is relevant for the wider public? Do you think it should be? Explore tools of science communication and formats you would enjoy in our expert talk with Peter Pichler. He is a cultural historian and most famously interested in researching heavy metal - a subject that is VERY relevant to many music enthusiasts. Peter blogs about his research and has shared it on many stages. In this expert talk, he will explain why it pays off to make your academic work accessible to many different audiences, how your research can have an impact on society and how to be comfortable in various settings of public engagement and science communication. 

The location will be the University Archive. Entry is opposite the GEWI-Dekanat, down the stairs and to the left (directions: